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This is the blog of Simply Heather Rose. Fashion and Lifestyle.

Hello! My name is Heather and my middle name is Rose. I live in Kansas City and have called it home my entire life. I work full time for an advertising agency in Kansas City as an Art Director. In September 2018, I married my best friend and perfect match, Ehren. I am a dog mom to the two best boxers ever: Mosley and Wally. Keep reading, they have their own “dogographies” below!

Simply, Heather Rose was created to encourage everyone to be simply themselves. To take inspiration from all around you and mold it into your own truth. From fashion, styling, travel and life events (like planning a wedding), do what you want to do, and don’t think twice.

I hope this blog inspires you to take all of the inspiration around you and make it your own! If you know someone who would like my blog, please send it their way.


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Dog Mom

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Wally-Profile-Pic12 (1).png

Meet Mosley (full name: Mosley booger head wiggle butt)

Mosley is our sweet old boxer man. He turned 9 years old in April and is the king of cuddles. Mosley wants to be near or on your lap (even though he is not the size of a lap dog) all of the time. We have had him since he was a puppy, and I honestly think he is more popular than my husband and I combined.

Skilled in:

  • Looking directly at the camera for photos

  • Stinky toots that can clear a room

  • Pinning you down with cuddles so you can not get up no matter how bad you need to refill your wine

Wally-Profile-Pic23 (1).png

Meet Wally (nicknames: stinky, sleepy boy, piglet)

Wally is our younger Boxer and American Bulldog mix. He is 3 years old and will be turning 4 in December. Wally has an almost unlimited source of energy and has mastered the zoomies in the front and back yard. Similar to Mosley, Wally also thinks he should be able to act like a lap dog at all times. People often ask, but he is not deaf. He can hear, but is not always skilled in listening.

Skilled in:

  • Begging for carrots and other vegetables even though he most likely wont eat them

  • Laying on his back at all times for belly rubs

  • Snoring so loud you 100% can not sleep