How to Host a Successful Local Blogger Event


I am going to take you inside Simply Heather Rose x Frankie & Jules epic summer kickoff blogger event + 5 tips to host your own blogging event.

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A while back Frankie & Jules proposed the idea of a blogger event and asked if I would be interested in partnering with them to promote and co-host. If you don’t already know, they are one of my favorite Kansas City boutiques with a fabulous selection of clothes, accessories and shoes that I just can’t say no to! So the obvious almost screaming answer was HECK YES, especially when I heard it was 90s theme! It was a killer event with over 50 Kansas City blogger babes who came out to support local business by sipping, shopping and of course... taking a ton of photos! I wanted to recap the event with some photos from the night, a list of our wonderful sponsors and throw in 5 tips for hosting your own blogger event!


5 steps for hosting a killer blogging event:

  1. Partner with a blogger to co-host: It is important to have a familiar face partnered with the event that people know and feel comfortable with! Partnering with a local blogger for the event is a great way to promote the event, have a greater reach, and gives the event a more personal feel.

  2. Have experiences throughout the event: It’s important to have things to do at the event rather than just shopping and small talk! Try and have a couple of things for people to DO! Think lavish photo-booth wall, Prosecco truck like our wonderful partner, Bubble Tap KC, or a braid bar, queue Loran Girton Braid Bar.

  3. Send out invites and reminders: Since we are all busy as hell these days and it is important to send reminders! We sent out our invites via email and once we got 1 week out I reached out to all the confirmed YES RSVPs to send a reminder Instagram DM with a personal message, as well as my blog so they could get to know me if they did not already know about me or my online presence.

  4. Open the doors to other local businesses: Want more pull for your event? Join forces with other like-minded boutiques and businesses to make your event pack an even bigger punch! Think food and alcohol vendors, other local boutiques, skin, hair and makeup professionals. Carve out a space for them at your event to provide everyone with the opportunity to shine and make connections. There is enough room for us all at the top, right?

  5. Don't forget the goodie bags: Want a fantastic opportunity to send people home with your product so you stay top of mind? Put together loaded goodie bags! This is a great opportunity for the local vendors you partnered with can share their products and information. Opt for higher quality items in the giveaway bags like gift cards, actual product, free services rather than coupons or cheap and unwanted items. This is a great organic way to get people to post about your products and they will probably be posting about the nice earrings rather than the 20% off coupon.

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