Our Wedding Day


Forever a #Schmiedeler


Once a Boone, now forever a Schmiedeler. My husband, Ehren and I just got married on September 23, 2018. It was a long time coming as we have been together for 6 years. It might sound cheesy but this was truly, the best day of my life. Below is a highlight of our day with a butt load of photos, check back in a month or so for an update to this post with our wedding video. I will be detailing the entire planning process, vendors, tips, and tricks in later blog posts!


Getting Ready

The day started by getting ready at my house in Overland Park, Kansas. Even though I did not have a wedding party I still wanted my best friends to be with me on the day, so my four best girlfriends, along with my mom and my future mother-in-law all came over for a getting ready party. We popped champagne, ate Pot Belly sandwiches, got our hair and makeup done and reminisced on all of the wonderful memories we have made over the years.

After a very picturesque morning of getting ready we headed to the venue. We got married at an outdoor wedding venue in North Kansas City called The Legacy at Green Hills. I could not have dreamed up a better venue if I tried, and the weather happened to cooperate perfectly on our wedding day, it was 75° with a light breeze and some clouds dotting the sky.

The venue has a 1912 home on the property that the venue owner, Alex, and her family restored. Our families ended up spending the night in the house after the wedding, a super awesome perk of our venue. Girls were upstairs and boys were downstairs in their own adorable man cave complete with a pool table and a big screen TV to watch the Chiefs game on.

Final touches & Love Letters

Girls arrived at the venue at 3:00pm and things all started to fall into place. Thank the lord above us for my day of wedding coordinator Angie, who truly made the day a complete breeze. She kept me on schedule and made sure that once the girls arrived things got moving. My mom helped me into my dress (that I won in an Instagram contest from Tadashi Shoji), love letters were read, first looks with my dad and then Ehren, and a much needed drink before the ceremony. The crying starts now… prepare yourself.

First Looks

The Ceremony

The big moment! Ehren and I worked together to craft a ceremony that encompassed the personal elements, like our love story, an anniversary box, and personalized vows. Since we are not religious we wanted to ask someone close to us to join us in marriage, we didn’t hesitate to ask Ehren’s lovely aunt Michelle.

The ceremony was personal, super emotional, and one hundred percent us. Hands down my favorite part was reading our vows to each other. Tears flowing as we read them to one another, and made all the promises and vows to each other in front of our friends and family. I highly suggest considering writing your own vows or making edits to existing ones. It may feel daunting, but in the end saying my promises for our lives together was so extremely special.

Family Portraits & Just Married celebratory shots

After so many tears from Ehren, myself, our families, and friends, we were MARRIED! I had planned a special surprise for Ehren as our first moments as husband and wife…

* Flashback to the FIRST time Ehren and I hung out * Que Ehren walking into my apartment Sophomore year of college with a fifth of vodka and some cans of Red Bull (not sponsored lol). As we can all imagine nerves were high and when he offered to do shots before we headed out to meet our friends I gladly accepted. Well lets just say… it did NOT go well, for either of us. Somehow we both got unlucky and the vodka shots went down the wrong pipes at the same time. As we are coughing and trying not to gag embarrassment was high, but we finally recovered and the ice was clearly broken. I guess nearly dying on vodka shots going into your lungs is not a deal breaker for either of us because 6 years later we are married.

Okay, back to present day. I thought it would be clever to pull out some vodka (not Burnett's this time) and some handy Red Bull and make us do this one more time, but as HUSBAND & WIFE! Our families as well as Ehren got a huge kick out of it and we successfully downed our vodka shots this time.

After our first shot as a married couple, we gathered with our families for portraits. We kept it sweet and simple with grandparents (and Ehren’s great-grandfather), parents and siblings. Pictures were sweet and went quickly, and when I got them back I was in awe of how amazing all of them turned out. Every single person was glowing with love and I will cherish these photos forever.

Reception (Aka Time to Party)

I’m excited, I’m relaxed, and I’m ready to par-tayyyyy. We kicked off our reception with our first dance, dancing to one of our favorite songs, We Found Each Other in the Dark by City and Colour. Of course I was crying on and off during this moment, it was so special and we felt so in love.

My parents did an awesome and hilarious welcome speech that got our guests and Ehren and myself cracking up. Then it was time to eat! We decided early on in the wedding planning process that we wanted a pizza buffet. We had Spin! Pizza cater the wedding with dips, flatbreads, salads and a large assortment of pizza. Our guests were happy and we were SO happy to be eating our favorite food after such a whirlwind day. See below for pure joy brought to you by nothing else then pizza.

2018-10-12 (63) (1).jpg

After we had our fill of pizza it was time to get ready to boogie. I switched from heels to my platform Keds, future brides please do this. I was able to dance the entire night without thinking twice about how my feet felt. The rest of the night was full of dancing, laughing, hugging, kissing and overall so much fun with our best friends and closest family.

The night ended with a confetti sendoff that exceeded my Pinterest dreams. With all of our friends and family cheering and one of the best Leon Bridges songs blasting we exited our venue surrounded by so much love. Brides, consider a confetti sendoff, it was so much fun and hardly cost anything. We used biodegradable confetti to keep from impacting the environment and allowing our parents to skip cleanup. And just like that, we are husband and wife!

Couples portraits

All photos of this magical day are captured by the ever so talented Jordan Photographs.

All I have to say is HIRE HER. She truly delivered me my dream photos.