Scottsdale Bachelorette Travel Guide


The perfect travel guide to your dream Scottsdale Bachelorette Weekend

Scottsdale, Arizona Bachelorette Travel Guide

1. You get engaged. 2. You plan your wedding. 3. You get your best girlfriends together and scoot off to an amazing location for an epic bachelorette weekend! That’s exactly what I did with my girl squad. We packed our bags and enjoyed a long weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona for my bachelorette trip! It was a WONDERFUL time and I felt compelled to share all of the awesome things we did in hopes that you can use it to help plan your bachelorette weekend in Scottsdale.

Scottsdale, Arizona Bachelorette Travel Guide. The Saguaro Scottsdale

Where to Stay

The Saguaro Scottsdale
4000 N Drinkwater Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Scottsdale, Arizona Bachelorette Travel Guide. The Saguaro Scottsdale

Suggested Trip Length

3 Nights | 4 Days
Arrival: Early Thursday
Departure: Late Sunday

Some things to consider:

  • Hotel vs. Airbnb: I opted for a hotel over an Airbnb for a couple of reasons:

    • A small group (4 girls + me) made it easier to get two rooms at a boutique hotel. Larger groups may be easier to accommodate in an Airbnb. Though I would still suggest calling local hotels and see if they have room blocks available.

    • Close to the action without renting a car. The Saguaro is within walking distance to Old Town Scottsdale and we also had access to the FREE trolly that runs day and night making it even easier to get around to all the hot spots.

    • The Saguaro hotel was so incredibly beautiful, perfect for Instagram photos, had an adorable pool, and we could have our rooms serviced every day. We were not interested in cooking meals for ourselves with so many amazing restaurants within walking distance.

  • Renting a Car vs. Paying for Transportation

    • Good news! As I mentioned above, Scottsdale has a great free trolly system that runs day and night allowing you to hop on and off easily to get around town.

    • Golf cart “cabs”, yeah you read that correctly… the nightlife scene in Scottsdale feels like Las Vegas. Instead of cabs and Ubers, the popping entertainment district has golf carts offering to take you to and from your destination. Prices are usually not fixed and can range from $5 - 10 per person.

    • We did rent a car one day, to take a day trip one hour outside of Scottsdale to go horseback riding. We were able to explore and get lunch on our own time so having a car for this day was super convenient. Note: usually your insurance will cover your rental so you don’t need to purchase the extra insurance they try and sell you. As always, check with your specific insurance provider.

Scottsdale, Arizona Bachelorette Travel Guide. The Saguaro Scottsdale



9:00am | Arrival

  • We flew into Phoenix and opted for an early morning flight to make the most of our time in the city. If you have ladies coming from multiple locations you should all try to arrive within an hour of each other to make car pooling to Scottsdale easier.

10:00am | Breakfast

  • At Farm and Craft. A beautiful breakfast, lunch and dinner spot with incredible organic food and a super fun mural that says “All I want is food and affection.” Try and sit under the mural for an awesome photo opportunity.

12:00pm | Jewelry Shopping

  • Bring your credit cards ladies because there is absolutely wonderful shopping in Old Downtown Scottsdale! We all invested in sterling silver and turquoise jewelry that was being sold at so many of the specialty shops. Don’t forget to barter for a good price!

2:00pm | Vintage Shopping

  • Calling all my vintage lovers, you CAN NOT miss Vintage By Misty, this is the most beautifully curated vintage store EVER! Even if you don’t purchase something it’s worth a visit just to window shop, and Misty the owner is a total doll.

4:00PM | Hotel check in

  • Check into your hotel, unload your bags and hit the pool before a night out. We hung out in pool floaties for some adorable photo opportunities.


  • At Diego Pop! Talk about good tacos, strong margaritas, and amazing queso! The restaurant is adorable with cute signs, bright colored wallpaper, and vintage elements throughout. We came during happy hour and took so many photos during our stay.

10:00PM | Early to Bed

  • After waking up early and a long day, going to bed early is a good idea.

Day Two


9:00am | Horseback Ride

  • We rented a car and drove one hour outside of Scottsdale to Cave Creek Outfitters for a 2 hour horseback ride. They offer many different packages and we had the BEST time! Some things to note:

    • You will be riding through the desert. There are sharp bushes, trees, and cactus. For the sake of your legs, no matter what WEAR JEANS!

    • Bring a large hat to keep the sun off of your face and shoulders. Also, bring sunscreen.

12:00pm | Lunch

  • At the Herb Box.There are multiple locations but we chose the one closest to Cave Creek. We had yummy salads and wraps.

2:00pm | Desert photoshoot

  • Along all of the roads and highways outside of Scottsdale there are incredible clusters of Saguaro cactus. We just pulled off the side of the highway and carefully (watch your step for snakes and small cactus) got a handful shots in front of the massive saguaros!

7:00pm | Get Ready & pregame

  • On the way home from the desert pick up some drinks for cocktails while you get ready for a night out. Shower, relax, and get ready by listening to this Spotify playlist made just for my bachelorette trip!

10:00pm | NIght out: entertainment district

  • Oh my goodness, if you didn’t know better you would think the entertainment district of Scottsdale was the Las Vegas strip! There are tons of open air clubs and bars lining multiple streets all blasting music. There is a bar for every one and every mood.



10:00am | Breakfast

  • After a wild night we were on the hunt to for a good hardy breakfast! Highly recommended; Original ChopShop. They have amazing Açaí bowls, smoothies, and juices to heal you completely.


  • Can you ever do enough shopping? Didn’t think so… hit up more boutiques and jewelry stores for a couple of hours to burn off breakfast.

2:00pm | Lunch

  • The Original ChopShop was so dang good it is highly recommended you go back for lunch. This time opt for the lunch bowls and wraps. You might even get lucky enough to meet Stella the Incredible Pit Bull during our time there like we did!

3:00pm | Pool Time

  • Time to cool off from the morning and hang out by the pool. Grab your camera or phones for cute photo opportunities by the pool and don’t forget to grab some yummy Frosé.

5:00pm | Desert Botanical Garden

  • DO NOT MISS THE DESERT BOTANICAL GARDEN! I repeat, DO NOT MISS THIS!! We went a couple hours before sunset and had the most breathtaking views and photo opportunities. The tickets are $25 each and are worth every penny.

    • Make sure you have your phones and cameras fully charged because you will want to take non-stop photos, check out their Instagram page for amazing photos and inspiration.

9:00pm | Dinner

  • New city? Track down the best Thai food you can! We ate at Malee's Thai Bistro and it was absolutely delicious! It was also within walking distance to the Saguaro so that was a bonus.

11:00pm | Tiki Bar

  • End your night by stopping by Hula's Modern Tiki for some extremely delicious and strong cocktails! The entire front of the bar was open the street and allowed for a cool breeze and wonderful people watching.



9:00am | Breakfast

  • And just like that it’s the last day! Enjoy the convenience of the hotel restaurant by getting coffee and breakfast without leaving the property.

1:00pm | Lunch & Pool Time

  • Finish out the rest of your afternoon with a light lunch and time by the pool. Soak in those rays while you can!

5:00pm | Early Dinner

  • Before you head back to the airport make sure you get one last amazing meal! Suggested by nearly every person I talked too before heading to Scottsdale was Olive & Ivy. This place did not disappoint with incredible salads, flatbreads and desserts.


I hope you have the best time in Scottsdale! Whether it’s a girls trip, bachelorette celebration, or even a trip with your significant other, this city has something for everyone.

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Photography by: @mackevelandphoto | @erineschwartz | @stephaniepollack