Why You Should Be Going to Blogger Events


You can’t make all of your connections behind a screen, 2019 is the year to step out of your comfort zone and head to blogging events in your city.

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Blogger events, they are probably happening all the time in your city, but are you going to them? I live in Kansas City and admittedly there have not been a ton of events until recently. When they started popping up I made it my mission to attend them. To put myself out there, connect and network with other bloggers and influencers in my city. Believe it or not I have been having the BEST time and I want to encourage you to step out and attend a blogging event this new year!

What to expect

Each event will be different though they will all probably have a couple of things in common. There will be food, drinks, and networking. The networking aspect is wonderful because it allows everyone to step out from behind the screen and get to know each other face to face.

The events I have attended all have different themes and activities making them all super unique. My November event was a shopping and styling event put on my KC Media Mixer where we had a presentation from local blogger Ashley White on how to style different holiday looks. The event was hosted at a local boutique, Kindred and we had the opportunity to shop the entire store (privately) while sipping on champagne and having delicious snacks. Bonus? We got 20% off the entire store during the event! This was a wonderful and casual way to get to know other local bloggers and influencers.

My most recent event was put on by The KC Influence and hosted at the wonderful Fontaine Hotel. We had two amazing presentations from local business owners, Emily Cox Wellness and Kathryn Snellen, and we ate, drank, and had a blast. It was so nice to have a night where all the girls I have been building connections with over the last few months could get together and really connect face-to-face. I did an Instagram takeover on the KC Media Mixer the weekend before the event, and it was awesome to hear how many people had watched the takeover and enjoyed following along for a day the life.

How to prepare

Found an event you are interested in attending? Now what? You of course are probably thinking what do I wear? What should I bring to this event? Do I know anyone who is going? It is time to do some research on the event to find out things like dress code, who is photographing the event, and who has already RSVP’ed.

If you want someone to go with, reach out to your local blogger friends or acquaintances and ask if they are going to the event. Plan a time to meet-up beforehand for a coffee or cocktail so you have someone to walk into the event with. Make sure you read the invite carefully for dress code and put together a look containing your favorite pieces. This does not mean you need to purchase a new outfit for every event, look in your closet for your most loved pieces that feel most you. Or grab pieces that get people talking, your favorite purse or pair of earrings that always pulls a ton of compliments? Make sure to accessories with those!

What to bring?

  • Your phone (fully charged) so you can document the event with pictures and videos.

  • A small notebook to take notes, write down contacts information, and any ideas that are sparked during your time at the event.

  • Bring business cards to share with your new contacts you meet.

  • If you are feeling like you want more professional photos you can also bring your own camera, though most events have a professional photographer walking around capturing the event so you can relax and enjoy.


During the event

Work the room, make sure you try and move around the event space to connect with a lot of different individuals. Smile and make eye-contact with everyone you can, there is a really big possibility you will be recognizing faces from social media. It may feel awkward to spark a conversation in person but a smile and eye-contact can help break down those awkward walls. Don’t be afraid to walk on over to a group and introduce yourself, you are there to make connections!

Share your ideas and goals with others. You might spark a connection with someone who has similar goals to you and you could find a way to collaborate! Talking about your goals will also keep you more accountable to work towards achieving them. By sharing what you are working towards with others they can help support you and cheer you on.

Capture photos and videos at appropriate times so you can document your time at the event and post about it later. Make sure you are being respectful and only taking pictures and videos during times where it will not be distracting or rude. Share these on social media and tag the appropriate people so you can be re-posted and discovered by others in your blogging community.

after the event

The night has come to an end, your feet probably hurt, your buzzing with excitement from all of the wonderful people you have connected with, and you have a goody bag you are dying to look through! It is important to keep those connections you made at the event going after the night is over. Reach out to the girls you met (over text or Instagram) and let them know how much you loved connecting. Thank the individuals who organized the event and connect with any vendors you loved and thank them as well.

In all, don’t skip the next blogger event. You could make new connections, land a collaboration (or two), score some goods, and they are always a blast!


All photography by:

Shanley Cox | Jefferson May Photography

Heather Rose